About Us

Hello, my name is Andrew Ward,  owner of Republic Plumbing. I started Republic in the spring of 1988 out of our home in Inglewood.  We are now located behind Krogers on Douglas St. in the heart of Madison.  I am a little bit of a history buff so I picked a company name and Betsy Ross Revolutionary War flag for our logo in honor of our founding fathers and mothers.  I grew up in the Madison Goodlettsville area. I am a third generation Metropolitan Nashville Master Plumber and a State of Tennessee licensed Plumbing and Mechanical Contractor.  Having grown up in the trade with my family, I think I and my techs have the experience to handle almost anything plumbing related you might need taken care of.

I have seen many changes to our industry over the years. Currently many plumbing companies are using the lessons of corporate America as a business model. There are many good corporations to be sure but for the most part these companies are more about separating you from your hard earned dollars than partnering with you. Up selling is a word they use and train their techs in. The philosophy is an easy one. Find something else wrong or even make it seem imperative that things are upgraded.  I have no issue and all of us are trained to tell our customers when we find things that need attention. The difference is, they make extra commissions to find problems many of which may not be real problems. We are not commission based. I pay our techs well so that you will get an honest assessment of your plumbing and your situation.

If we have a strong point it would be the ability and knowledge to repair any plumbing system both residential and commercial, backflow preventers, tankless water heaters, hard to find leaks and plumbing issues and we do remodeling of kitchens and baths as well.  We also do lots of water line and sewer line repairs and replacements.  All of our work is guaranteed and done in a professional and courteous manor by professional hand picked plumbers that you will love having in your home or business.

So basically we do everything plumbing related in your home or business and do it well.  Another strong point is the personal service you will receive from Republic Plumbing.  We are not the biggest plumbing company in the Nashville area so I can offer a more personal touch than most plumbing companies can.  We want to partner with you, not look at you as just a way to make as much money as we can as do some plumbing companies in Nashville.

You will know that we are looking out for you by the care we give your home, your business and you.  We use rugs and booties to protect your floors and carpet and treat your home and business with respect.

As I mentioned before our plumbers are not commission based so high pressure selling is not our style.  You will be informed on and make all decisions on repairs before they are done.  What we want is your trust.  You trust us to keep your home and business plumbing systems safe and working properly.  And you can trust us to help you make choices about products that can save water and fuel and keep your plumbing system working in tip top shape.

Republic Plumbing will work with you to help conserve our planets limited resources, and maintain the value of your biggest investment, your home or business property.  We don’t just talk about conservation, we participate, we have recycled all of our cardboard, metals and plastic waste for years, we are serious about saving our environment and resources.

Please call us and let the staff and I here at Republic Plumbing show you how much we appreciate your business, and value your trust.  Please look through our photo galleries to see our work and more about us.

I also have a page of neat links, some fun, some great friends that we recommend for other services that we don’t do, please let them know we sent you.

Call and let me know how we may serve you.  Thanks,  Andrew Ward